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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle if you sit at a desk and in front of a computer all day isn’t easy. These tips can help you to keep healthy even if your daily routine makes it a challenge.

Walking is one of the best ways there is of keeping fit, and if you have a desk job, walking as much as possible is important. Take the stairs rather than the elevator, and park further away from your office than you need to. Even if you don’t need to get up regularly, try to get up from your desk every couple of hours or so even if you are walking down the corridor. And walk to deliver that message to your co-worker or to follow up on something, rather than picking up the phone and making a call. A headset for your phone allows you to make calls while you are moving about. If you can do basic exercises in your office, such as stretches, then make the time to do that.

Studies show that many office workers tend to snack during the day instead of eating proper meals. If you need to snack, bring some fruit, nuts, yogurt or trail mix rather than cakes and candy, although an occasional treat every now and then is inevitable. Drink plenty of water during the day, and if you just can’t resist buying unhealthy snacks from the vending machines aka pussy pics, try leaving your change at home. And even if you are regularly the first in the office every day, don’t skip breakfast as it simply leaves you hungry and increases the chance that you may fill up on snacks. If you have the time, take your lunch away from your desk; simply stepping out of your immediate work environment for half an hour can help to make you more relaxed and more focused when returning to your desk.

One of the most important ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle at the office is to have an ergonomically designed chair, one that won’t strain your back or neck. There are plenty of them on the market, and it’s well worth the extra cost. Although it may not look too elegant, sitting on an exercise ball instead of an office chair can help with your posture and also help to strengthen your back and abs. Make sure your computer screen is the right distance away from you, and if you need it, an anti-glare screen over the actual screen can be a big help. There are also plenty of ergonomically designed keyboards and mouse pads available. And don’t neglect your eyes; if you stare at a screen all day, adjust your focus occasionally by looking at something further away for a few seconds.